We Specialize in Field Operations

Easy to Use and Always Reliable

KipTraq customers leverage our mobile data collection tool daily in their growing, harvesting, and other “field” operations to streamline multiple processes. They love our no-code data collection tool for its value, speed and ease of use. But more importantly, they rely on it because KipTraq works offline, so it’s always easy to collect data in the field even when there’s no cell service.

Our Data Functionality Helps Your Team Do More at a Lower Cost

KipTraq has more useful data collection functionality than any solution for a fraction of the cost. Our no-code form app is vastly more powerful because off all the additional data collection we automate. Field workers and managers love it because it makes almost every process faster and more efficient. With KipTraq, your team can:

  1. Automatically store GPS coordinates of your assets or fields. This also includes turn-by-turn navigation to them using KipTraq
  2. Add a GPS point (or several!) to any transaction and then view them online in an interactive map
  3. Add a GPS line to any transaction show the path an employee walked
  4. Add a GPS polygon. For example, walk or drive the perimeter of an area important to you, show it as a shaded area, and automatically calculate the acreage of that area.
  5. Take as many pictures as you like, with pictures automatically synced with the cloud for access from anywhere 
  6. Aggregate and analyze data immediately and populate customizable PDF reports 
  7. Wirelessly print custom labels from your device (including custom barcodes or QR codes that can be scanned later by KipTraq or other programs)
  8. Take samples in the field, send them to a lab, and get the results automatically 
  9. Trigger alerts and reminders to make sure a task is never missed

Flexibility and Ease of Use Makes Us Unique

KipTraq is different from any other software you may have used in the past. We have deep experience supporting producers and growers, but we don’t come in and tell you how to run your business. Instead, we work with your team to:

  1. Understand your specific way of doing business
  2. Help you brainstorm process improvements if necessary 
  3. Work with you to move your data capture and reporting from paper and Excel to KipTraq
  4. Leverage all the functionality discussed above to help you build a custom process that works for you and your team

Because KipTraq is built with flexibility and easy customization in mind, we can usually digitize your forms, even complex ones, in hours or days! And within days:

  1. Your users can start entering data on their mobile devices
  2. That data can be reported on via your reporting website, including both customized and automated reports, graphs and charts
  3. With scheduled recurring reports, send emails and reminders to your team to streamline almost any task or process

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