Field workers (or anyone not working in an office) are a vital part of many businesses. Being away from the office does have disadvantages, however. Any data collection is usually done on paper forms, and there are many challenges that come from collecting data on paper. Below are just a few reasons why if your organization has field workers, you should consider a mobile solution like KipTraq.

You can collect more accurate data quicker with less effort

One of our customers takes samples from a field and sends it to a laboratory for testing. Before KipTraq, this was a very manual process, and the sample data was often mixed up. After implementing KipTraq, the users now use KipTraq on their cell phone to navigate to a site, take a picture, scan the barcode on their sample bag, and enter a few additional data points they want to capture. The samples are taken to the third party laboratory, and the laboratory automatically sends results electronically back to the customer. These results show up on KipTraq reports automatically, no manual data entry required.


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Communication in both directions is improved

Another customer of ours sends inspectors out during harvest. The inspector takes pictures of the product being harvested, evaluates it on several criteria, and the data they capture is automatically available to the sales team. Any failed inspections automatically notify the relevant salespeople. The sales team can review an inspection’s details minutes after its logged, even if the salesperson is in a different time zone! With one click of their mouse, the salesperson can download a PDF of the inspection, complete with pictures. This document is often sent to the growers or other stakeholders so that quick action can be taken.

The salesperson gets instant details on what they need to see. The field inspectors don’t get phone calls from the sales team anymore asking for details, and they don’t have to copy pictures from their cell phone or go back to the office at the end of the day to write up all their notes. Everyone wins.

The data can be linked to your existing system

Tasks entered by a field worker can automatically update your ERP, Finance, or other system with relevant details. If you have machines collecting data already (such as a PLC), you can have that data fed in real time to the KipTraq reporting tool, where in a few clicks you can view real time graphs and charts, and notify stakeholders when things are out of specification.

We have dozens of success stories of similar processes that our customers have transitioned into KipTraq. Chat with one of our specialists and see how KipTraq can be quickly configured to help solve your data collection challenges. Our customers span many diverse industries and locations, and they all recognize significant ROI from using KipTraq, both from employee time savings and business insight they get from our dashboards and reports.



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