Going paperless isn’t as difficult as you might think, and it can lead to tremendous benefits. And it’s possible digital forms reveal what you’re missing.

Consider the hidden cost of paper forms. Users fill out paper forms, and then usually a supervisor has to audit them for mistakes, sign off on them, collate them, and put them in a file cabinet until an auditor requests information. The information on that paper form can be valuable to your business in terms of long term trends, productivity, error rates and many other factors, but none of us have the time to do those sorts of analyses on paper.

With a mobile forms solution, data collection is simple. Your users can utilize GPS, take pictures, scan barcodes, and can even have per-product or per-location rules that can be enforced in real time. The best part is that the data collected on a mobile device is immediately available to decision makers through real-time dashboards, automatically emailed reports, etc. It’s also quite easy in most cases to integrate with your existing ERP or financial system, further reducing the hours your employees have to spend to keep things in sync.

KipTraq can help your organization roll out a mobile solution in a matter of days. Our knowledgeable staff can support your team every step of the way, and guarantee success. Our customer’s employees are 20% or more efficient than they were before KipTraq, and we have over 10 million transactions logged in KipTraq to prove it. Talk with one of our specialists to see how easy and affordable it is to transition your paper or Excel processes into KipTraq, and start seeing the same benefits in your organization.


To learn how KipTraq can help your team leverage a single platform and to learn more about how mobile data collection creates competitive advantages for our clients please contact us for a custom demo and a quick discussion.

Real results from KipTraq customers

  • “Our staff really likes KipTraq. They have more time for inspections, and we get increased accountability”
  • “In 2 months, KipTraq helped our team increase plant throughput by 45% by identifying processing bottlenecks”