The new Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) emphasizes the value of data management. FSMA 204 mandates extra traceability records for anyone that produces, processes, or packs foods on the FDA Food Traceability List or use them as ingredients in other products. With the correct FSMA compliance software, food companies can create the digital infrastructure required to transition to a new era of smarter food safety.

For almost a decade, KipTraq has been helping food producers and manufacturers manage their inspection, audit and compliance processes with our easy-to-use mobile data collection app and reporting tools. 

KipTraq understands traceability can be a challenge for both small and large operations.  We also understand the new FSMA 204 requirements mean companies must scramble to implement systems that work, but don’t slow them down. Thankfully, KipTraq has easy-to-configure, efficient solutions that can make it easy to comply, while speeding up your processes and providing additional benefits in the process.  Even more exciting for our existing and new customers, we can do this at a wildly affordable investment.

Below you will find:

  • Two short videos with specific use cases for FSMA Traceability Compliance for Growers/Shippers and Food Manufacturers.
  • An anonymized “theoretical” use case to help give you a sense of how we can quickly help you refine and augment your existing and emerging process to quickly become compliant.
  • Access to several videos to help you understand how easy it is to leverage KipTraq to quickly refine or augment any process to quickly become compliant.
  • A short video that explains how we can help you manage almost any compliance process.

FSMA Compliance for Growers

FSMA Compliance for Food Manufacturers


A “Theoretical” Traceability Compliance Case Study


Below we have outlined a theoretical process for your traceability compliance. Your specific requirements may vary, and your operations may require integration with existing software, but all of that is routine with KipTraq.


Step 1: Receiving

Your users can pull up a form in KipTraq on their mobile device.  Inspect the truck, log the PO number, scan SKUs, etc.  The form is custom-built from your requirements in a matter of minutes, with no coding required. At the end of the form, enter the number of containers and click “print”.

KipTraq can wirelessly print custom barcoded labels with whatever information you need them to contain. Label content can be customized as well, printed in different sizes, and designed to display whatever relevant information you need displayed on your raw ingredients.

We have lots of unique features as well, including a novel way of verifying in real time that the ingredient label and allergens haven’t changed. If you’re receiving a product that needs to have a quality evaluation, we can help you set up a raw product form that changes the questions depending on commodity, enforces total major/minor defects by weight or percentage, enforces temperature, brix, or any other relevant measurements, and can output a clean PDF complete with pictures that you can use to communicate with your suppliers.  All forms are built exactly to your specification in no time.


Step 2: Processing

Whether you pull raw ingredients directly into a finished product, you have a cook/chill step, create WIPs, etc., KipTraq can make it easy to trace every step of the process.  Scan the barcodes of the raw ingredients or WIPs you use, and print a new sticker for the WIP or finished good batch. If every step is logged, KipTraq can manage your onsite inventory as well.

You can upload recipes into KipTraq (some customers manage thousands).  KipTraq can calculate for you how many pounds of chocolate chips you need for a 5x batch of cookie dough.  If an employee tries to use the wrong ingredient in a recipe, KipTraq will let them know. Want to do a finished product evaluation?  We can show a picture of what the finished good is supposed to look like on-device, and even do a breakdown by component complete with allowable min/max ranges.

KipTraq doesn’t just do traceability.  We can also help manage pre-op sanitation, tell you whether an allergen cleanup is needed on a line, and dozens of other processes. There’s no limit to what you can do with KipTraq.


Step 3: Shipping

Want to track where a particular good batch went? All you need to do is print a label from KipTraq (if necessary) and log that information. We integrate well with other systems, so if you already have an ERP where you log shipping, we can pull data out of it and into KipTraq or vice versa.


Step 4: Traceability Reporting

KipTraq’s integrated web-based reporting tool makes it simple to connect the dots, and have a series of reports ready to go that allow you to trace forward and backwards in a matter of seconds.

KipTraq’s traceability tools allow you to identify areas according to customer feedback. Learn from your mistakes, do more with less effort, and comply with traceability requirements.

KipTraq is one of the preeminent tools helping food producers in this new regulatory environment, ensuring compliance, minimizing risk, and helping you keep delivering safe, healthy produce to the marketplace.



KipTraq is a no-code mobile data collection app. We can immediately improve your existing process or enhance a new process for traceability combining mobile data collection to help ensure regulatory compliance.  Below you will find additional video and links to help you understand how KipTraq can improve accountability and your compliance process.

How KipTraq Improves Employee and Proccess Accountability

KipTraq’s Multiple Options for Data Integration and Reporting

How To Leverage A No-Code Data Collection App and Kiptraq’s Expertise for Quick Compliance


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