One – Get Started with Digital Data Collection in Minutes with our No-Code App

With no coding or technical expertise required, new users of KipTraq can get started in under 30 minutes. Migrating forms into KipTraq takes minutes, not hours or days, and requires no long implementation cycles or headcount resource allocations to begin. And best of all, because of its easy no-code customization, it’s easy to scale across multiple processes without long term agreements and ever-increasing seat licenses. And KipTraq is already in place logging thousands of unique processes in tracing, calibration, and much more. See a partial list of the processes that KipTraq is helping to automate here:


Create a Digital Process or Form In Minutes

Two – More Efficient Staff

Our typical clients estimate that our productivity tools save their supervisors a total of 4 hours every day to allocate time to their most critical and strategic tasks.  Simultaneously, mobile data collection makes their staff 20 percent more efficient, allowing supervisors to increase their production.

KipTraq offers users (at every step and point of production) a mobile-based tool to automate even the most ordinary tasks of data collection and reporting. Simply, KipTraq makes things faster.  Clients do a better job of data collection and reporting and can leverage that accurate recording into increased efficiency. The right tools, implemented correctly, will not just ensure regulatory compliance, but will also be a competitive advantage in the marketplace. And KipTraq is the right tool that makes use of all types of technology to enhance mobile data collection:

  • Drop-down menus make it easy for users to select the right values
  • Workers can take pictures as part of the transaction, rather than having to email them later from saved photos on a camera roll.
  • RFID tags on equipment populate the device screen with a list of things you can do while you’re in front of a product or piece of equipment.
  • Barcodes and Geo-Tagging replace the need to having employees manually record information about a field they are harvesting or about daily workload.

View our Harvest Forecast Demo – Mobile Data Collection and Reporting Use Case

A quick tour to show how a produce company leverages KipTraq to customize a form in minutes, collect data in the field and builds reports that immediately analyze the data.

Three– Automatic Translation

KipTraq is easily adaptable to serve non-English speaking employees, with multiple languages available. KipTraq can even automatically translate your forms, all while compiling relevant data and reporting in English.


Four– More Efficient Processes/Tools Equals Satisfied Employees and Higher Retention

With KipTraq as part of an improved tool kit, employees work more efficiently, with better instructions and better communication. And this means they are more satisfied with their work environment and easier to train. That translates to higher productivity and increased retention, two crucial factors whose impact is clearly shown on the bottom line.


Five – KipTraq Prevents Mistakes

Let’s say your company makes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Whether the company’s secret recipe resides in the founder’s head, on an Excel spreadsheet, or within the company ERP, KipTraq allows staff can simply enter all the relevant information from each process into their phone or tablet. They can do this at receiving by:

  • Logging receiving data (supplier, purchase order, truck inspection, etc.),
  • Performing a detailed quality check on the ingredients, if applicable,
  • Printing a KipTraq custom barcode label to attach to every case or carton of your ingredients.

Then when employees start to manufacture a batch of new sandwiches, they are prompted to scan the custom barcode label for each ingredient- with one of two results:

  1. If they try to scan almond butter instead of the peanut butter called for in the recipe, they will be notified on their device and not allowed to continue.
  2. If they scan the right label, they are allowed to proceed. And even more powerful, with the new FSMA 204 mandates, you’ve just created traceability back to the supplier lot!


How Mobile Data Collection Improves Employee Process and Accountability

A quick educational video that explains how KipTraq immediately makes it easier to train, manage and increase accountability for any process.

Six – Eliminate Post-Processing

Collecting data is often the first step in a process. How many times do you touch a piece of data before you’re done? Employees working in the fielfill out forms, which (hopefully/eventually) make it to the office, where the form is either filed in a folder, or re-entered into a spreadsheet. Maybe that data is re-entered into your payroll system or your preventative maintenance software.  Supervisors review the paperwork and sign off on it for audit purposes.  Someone probably has to go through the paperwork to make sure nothing is missing, and everything is signed off. We call this redundant work “Post-Processing”.

KipTraq allows you to move beyond simple data collection with seamless out-of-the-box data integrations, allowing you to automate tasks, improve quality assurance, produce instant reports and to enable electronic authorization to any form.  And it allows you to do this in our systems or with seamless data workflows into your existing processes and systems.


KipTraq’s Multiple Options for Data Integration and Reporting

A short overview video that describes and explains the multiple options to share data and information bi-directionally across all your data silos for faster reporting, compliance and insights.

Seven – Find Efficiencies in The Data Through Analysis

How effective are your teams?  How much product loss do you have that could be avoided?  Do you have any quality trends per supplier that you should be addressing?  Do you have staff that are “quiet quitting”?  What outstanding maintenance issues do you have that need to be addressed?  How are they impacting your ability to do business?  Are the hourly or daily checks that are critical to maintaining your equipment really being done, or are they being pencil-whipped after the fact?

When you use KipTraq across multiple departments, you have all your data in a single place. It’s very easy to pull together reports from this data—using pivot tables, graphs and charts, lists of exceptions—and drop them into a report, email stakeholders, or share on a recurring schedule.  You can stop wasting time collecting, reporting and analyzing data, and spend more time making smarter decisions and improving operations.


Eight – One Tool, Many Uses

Many customers start using KipTraq to create efficiencies in a specific area or process of their daily operations, but with hands-on experience, they almost always increase the scope of how they’re using it.   Here are a handful of ways KipTraq is used to improve operations across 100s of tasks and processes in areas including:

  1. Receiving
  2. Quality Control
  3. Operations
  4. Audits
  5. Food Safety
  6. HR/Employee Training
  7. Inventory
  8. Inspections
  9. Fleet Management
  10. Traceability
  11. Preventative Maintenance
  12. Planting
  13. Harvesting
  14. Field Inspections

If it requires data collection on the floor or in the field, that process can be optimized and streamlined with KipTraq.



KipTraq is a no-code mobile data collection app leveraged for millions of data collection tasks per day by hundreds of companies across the United States to improve and lower the costs of almost any data collection process.


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