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How Mobile Data Collection Makes Compliance Faster and Easier

Learn how a flexible mobile data collection tool will help make all your compliance and remote data collection processes faster, easier and more effective.

How Mobile Data Collection Improves Employee and Process Accountability

Learn how a mobile data collection tool can remove the risks of paper processes and increase employee and process accountability.

 Critical Features You Need From a Mobile Data Solution

Learn what features allow you to scale a mobile data collection across departments, locations and processes for more efficient and effective results at a dramatically lower cost.

Case Studies

Industry Leading Mobile Data Collection Use Case

Company needed highly accurate real-time data with corresponding dashboards, and a reporting system that would manage the filtration process and assist operators with filtration management and optimization.

Optimizing Pressure Leaf Filter Systems

Pressure leaf filtration can be a common bottleneck in plant operations. Delays are costly, often leading to overtime in order to meet demand. This “batch type” operation includes many variables, and monitoring the process can be frustratingly difficult for operators and management.

Use Case Videos

Harvest Forecast Use Case

We will quickly show how a produce end user leverages KipTraq to customize a form in minutes, collect data in the field and build custom reports that analyzes data

Equipment Management Use Case

We will demonstrate how an end user leverages KipTraq to customize a smart form in minutes, collect data in the field and how to quickly build custom reports


GFSI and Global Audit Use Case

We will quickly show how to seamlessly migrate an audit process to KipTraq in minutes to streamline this process from data collection to customized final reports


Check out more REAL WORLD use case videos to learn how THOUSANDS of end users leverage mobile data collection…

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Blog Articles

Mobile Data Collection and ERP

Did you know that you can save an estimated 528 hours per employee per year by implementing the right mobile data collection solution? Mobile Data Collection and ERPs:  How a mobile workforce can improve ERP performance and business process performance   A 2016...

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Cost and Time Advantages of Mobile Data Collection

With the recent world events and the increase in remote working, companies can no longer ignore the mobile data collection revolution without falling behind the competition. Tackling this digital and mobile revolution will reinvent traditional working methods for...

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Mobile Data Collection Creates Competitive Advantages

  3 Ways Mobile Data Collection Creates Competitive Advantages By Optimizing Your Compliance Processes   Whether the requirements are from a government regulatory agency, from a customer, or for our own internal purposes, we all have to collect data....

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How Mobile Data Collection Improves Accountability

6 Ways Mobile Data Collection Improves Accountability and Lowers Your Compliance Risk   Many companies are required to capture and report on hourly/daily inspections or other processes in the field and in the plant. Traditionally, these processes have been logged...

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