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Customize mobile forms, get insight through reports, and so much more!

Turn Your Old Paper Forms into Smart Mobile Forms

  • Get Started Building Forms in Minutes
  • Works Online and Offline
  • Digitize and Automate Workflows
  • Embed and Capture Pictures, RFID, Barcodes and GPS
  • Capture Signatures
  • Works Sercurely on Any Mobile Devices
  • Integrates with Existing Enterprise Softwares
  • Real-Time Reporting, Cloud Storage and Triggered Alerts

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Remote Mobile Data Collection

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One Tool, Hundreds of Uses

How REAL customers use KipTraq every day

Food Processing

  • Manage Quality, HACCP, Pre-Op, Sanitation, Holds, Receiving/Finished Product Inspections, EMP, and more with a single tool
  • Save 4+ hours of supervisor per day + increase QA efficiency by 20%!
  • Print complex barcodes through KipTraq or scan your existing codes for traceability and quick data entry
  • Manage the stuff that falls through the cracks with one tool! Employee training, pest control, visitor check-in, calibrations, health checks, inventory, and more

Equipment Maintenance/Fleet Management

  • Schedule customized preventative maintenance tasks per asset type. KipTraq will let your employees know what needs to be done
  • Use RFID or barcode to prove presence and make sure the right asset is checked
  • Easily report on open issues, cost per asset, or other metrics


  • Import 1000s of products, and enforce specifications, no matter how complex
  • Pull metrics directly from your equipment/PLC into KipTraq. Graph, send alerts and analyze trends
  • OEE, KPIs

Growing/Harvesting/ Field Inspections

  • Manage food safety, quality inspections, employee trainings/tailgates, fertilizer, water, plantings, harvests, etc. Generate required documentation in whatever format you choose.  Include pictures and signatures captured on your device.
  • Automatically integrate your existing planting/harvesting schedules
  • Visualize your data on interactive maps. Drop a pin a problem, follow an employee’s path through a field, show the boundaries of an area, and even calculate acreage!

Public Safety/Municipalities

  • Manage assets, preventative maintenance and more!
  • Interactive color coded maps of your assets.
  • Manage inventories of consumables – make reordering a snap!
  • Fully customizable

Other Industries

  • Track virtually any type of data from your mobile device

Go Beyond Data Collection

Get Real-time Insights & Alerts

  • Improve Quality Assurance
  • Save Hours of Supervisor Time Every Day
  • Collect Various Data Types
  • Real-time Alerts
  • Multi-language Support
  • Intuitive Interfaces
  • Instant Reports

Full “BI” Reporting Capability

You can build your own reports, no coding needed!  Graphs, charts, exceptions, totals, etc.  Build from scratch with just a few clicks.

Pixel perfect form creation

Get the custom PDF forms you need, even with pictures and signatures.  

Interactive maps

Visualize the path your employees walked.  See color coded filter-able maps of your data

Automated Reports

Schedule and send custom reports. Save time and energy building reports and never forget to send them to stakeholders. 

What Makes Us Different…

World Class Support & Consulting

Never be left in the lurch. Our business process experts will work with you to find new ways to improve tracking, reporting and analysis.

Fast and Easy Setup

Migrating forms takes minutes not hours, no coding required. Building new forms and reports is easy-peasy. You can even upload a spreadsheet with assets or questions for a form!

Offline Fallback

No internet, no problem. KipTraq will store data locally and transmit data when a network becomes available.

3rd party integrations

Get results automatically from your lab, graph data from your PLC, and automatically update product lists from your ERP or financial system.  

What once took days, now takes minutes!