Introduction and Background

The most productive mobile data collection technologies are those that integrate seamlessly into your operations and don’t require huge investments in training.  The technology solutions help you avoid down time, improve processes and save time and costs.  Historically, mobile data collection apps were designed for specific jobs and specific workflows.  This typically meant the software provider dictated best practices and controlled workflow.  But this is no longer the case with KipTraq’s no code/low code mobile data collection app.


The main differences between a coded vs. a no code/low code app

No code apps are just that, as they require no coding knowledge or experience to build. They provide an intuitive interface that allows users to easily create functional and attractive applications without having to write code or needing any specific computer knowledge. If you can use a cell phone or a tablet, you can use a no code app.  It sounds difficult, but we promise – once you see it you’ll see how easy it is to use, even if you’re not “tech savy”!

Low code apps go beyond this by allowing users to access more powerful features and capabilities. While low code development can be used to create full-fledged applications, users can also add features and functionality to existing apps.

No code and low code platforms have a variety of benefits that make them attractive for businesses. By using no code and low code platforms, companies can quickly develop new applications without needing to hire developers or having to devote resources to training existing staff. This can help businesses save time and money, allowing them to focus on other areas of their business.

No code apps are becoming increasingly popular for businesses of all sizes. They offer a variety of benefits, providing an easy and efficient way to develop complex applications without having to write and maintain the code manually.



The 10 Benefits of a No Code and Low Code Mobile Data Collection App

Here’s a look at some of the major advantages that come with using no-code apps.

1 – Quick Development Time

One of the biggest benefits of no-code apps is that they can be developed quickly. With traditional code-based apps, developers have to spend significant amounts of time writing and debugging complex code. With a no code app you literally build the app out yourself with a couple of mouse clicks. With KipTraq, it will immediately have your choices in a dropdown list. It will have your products. If your personnel communicate in multiple languages, KipTraq will work in those languages. This means your team can jump right in and start building the app quickly and efficiently. Development is easy. If you can use Word or you can use a cell phone, you can get started in minutes.

Demo Video – Get Started Building Forms in Minutes

Watch this quick video to learn how anyone can start building data collection forms in minutes

2  – Easier Real World Testing

Because you can get started in minutes, you can ensure that the app works as you intended, with no downtime waiting for deployment or developers. KipTraq has been used millions of times for thousands of process and if necessary we can help you get what you need from our tool quickly and efficiently typically with one brief call.

3 – Reduced Cost and Risk

Another great benefit of no-code apps is that they can save businesses money. Because there’s no code to develop, much of the cost associated with creating traditional applications is eliminated. This makes it both possible for small team or even a single manager to get started with a solution like KipTraq with a small investment to pilot the tool. You avoid the risks and headaches of a major investment and can start improving your processes and day to day tasks without having to invest in expensive software.

4 – More Flexibility

There will be regulatory changes, there will be changes from your customers, you may become responsible for a new division.  With a no code app, your team can make those changes incrementally. The people you put in charge can make changes anytime they want. Want to add pictures to a task?  Signatures?  GPS information?  These changes literally can be done in less than a minute.  KipTraq can solve those business problems for you in real time.  No-code apps are flexible, making them easier to customize for different users or applications. This makes it much easier for businesses to quickly adjust their apps and make changes without having to start from scratch with the development process.

5 – Improved Efficiency

Improved flexibility means improved efficiency. With no-code apps, front line managers can make changes and updates quickly and easily.  If you need to improve or change a process you don’t need to back to the developers and wait for them to write code from scratch.  Managers can do this on their own and have these changes deployed immediately.

6 – Easier Modification

No code apps are also easier to modify because they don’t require constant updating or rewriting of code. For example, KipTraq enables embedded rules out of the box. This means businesses can spend less time on modifications.  When a process, need or rules changes you can immediately address that issue, and immediately implement without the need for coding or re-training of staff.


Embedded Rules Use Case Video

Watch this short use case video to learn how quickly you can customize forms with embedded rules to streamline and enhance your mobile data (5 Minutes)


7 – Increased User Engagement and Adoption

No-code apps are more user friendly and intuitive, leading to increased user engagement. Because its an app that is configured, managed and maintained by your team, you optimize its performance for your team and culture. By building an app that is easy for users to use, managers can increase employee satisfaction and efficiency, reduce waste and error, increase customer loyalty, and ultimately make more money.

8 – Increased Productivity

By using no-code apps, businesses can increase their productivity by streamlining processes and eliminating manual tasks. KipTraq can be an important component in moving your company towards a paper-free workplace. This can help increase efficiency and improve overall organizational performance.

9 – Increased Scalability

As you learn to use a no code app you can increase its scale to different processes, different groups, different divisions.   No-code apps make this scalability easier and more efficient, as the code can be reused for different aspects of the business.

10 – Cost Savings

The biggest benefit of a no-code app is cost savings. Because fewer resources and man-hours are needed to create and maintain the app, businesses can save money.  Because you can test before you invest its proven before you scale.  Because its flexible the only limit to increased efficiency and more powerful data collection is the speed at which you choose to replace paper and excel data collection with handheld mobile devices.


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