Processes are integral for business success. Yet many companies still use paper or non-centralized tools like Excel to keep their businesses running. Not only does this introduce the opportunity for errors, but your business cannot run analytics against this. How can you know what part of a process is broken if the data is hiding? This short article outlines immediate Process Improvements with Digital Forms and how the right Digital Forms Tool can improve your processes and analytics, all while bringing accountability to each step.

10 Examples of Immediate Process Improvements with Digital Forms


Create Accountability: We can prove your employees were at a given location at a given time using RFID, barcode, or GPS – whichever makes the most sense. These technologies do not add a burden to the task, in most cases they speed up data entry while creating electronic accountability as a bonus.

Standardize data inputs: By using dropdown lists, required fields, and other functions built into KipTraq, you can standardize your inputs, which greatly increases reportability (and auditability) of your data.

Use locations and containers to organize your data: Optionally set up discreet locations, and restrict some of your users to only interact with assets at that location. Put assets inside each other (eg: compressor on a truck, block on a ranch) and use that to quickly drill in and out of your data.

Enforce limits: Set one or more min/max values, even by asset or by product, and have any exceptions automatically emailed to one or more recipients for real-time follow up.

Work offline: Use 100% of the KipTraq mobile app functionality even if there is no internet connection. Data just queues up on the device, and automatically synchronizes as soon as a connection is re-established.


Check Out Some Real World Use Case Videos that Demonstrate Some of These Digital Data Collection Tactics Used By Our Customers

Harvest Forecast Use Case

A quick tour of the KipTraq’s no-code mobile data collection and reporting  app.  We will quickly show how a produce end user leverages KipTraq to customize a form in minutes, collect data in the field and build customize reports that analyzes data

Equipment Management Use Case

A quick tour of the KipTraq’s no-code mobile data collection and reporting app. We will quickly show how an end user leverages KipTraq to customize a form in minutes, collect data in the field and how to quickly build custom reports

Capture electronic signature: Have a customer or supervisor sign a phone or tablet, and later retrieve that signature as an image, or show it on a report.

Authorize and override data electronically: Supervisors or admins can electronically sign off on tasks (complete with time stamp).They can also change data or even delete transactions, but those changes are logged to maintain full audit compliance.

Use KipTraq as a reporting tool for your external data: You can have your PLC, ERP, or any other system push data directly to KipTraq’s back end. You can then use the powerful reporting/BI tools built into KipTraq to report on your data, create dashboards, and send emails.

Use KipTraq as a data collection tool for your existing system: You can use the KipTraq mobile data collection tool, and then either pull or have KipTraq push the data to your existing financial, ERP, or other system. We push and pull data in a variety of methods and formats, and can work with your team, laboratory, or software vendors directly to make it happen.

Integrate with 3rd parties: As an example, you could send barcoded sample bags to a laboratory, and that laboratory could report their test results directly back to KipTraq, where your employees can report on the results. It’s easy to customize KipTraq to meet any workflow requirements you might have.

The video below is a quick video demo of how easy it is to get started in less than 15 minutes on your own process improvements with digital forms

To learn how KipTraq can help your team leverage a single platform and to learn more about how mobile data collection creates competitive advantages for our clients please contact us for a custom demo and a quick discussion.

Real results from KipTraq customers

  • “Our QA staff are at least 20% more efficient than they were before KipTraq”
  • “We save approximately 4 hours of supervisor time every day”