If you read Data Collection Process improvements with Digital Forms, you learned how KipTraq can help you create immediate process improvements that can have a substantial, material impact on your business. In this article, we’re giving you 10 MORE Immediate Process Improvements and competitive advantages with Digital Forms for your business.

10 Immediate Process Improvements and Competitive Advantages with Digital Forms and Mobile Device Data Collection


Schedule report emails sent directly to customers: Several KipTraq customers collect quality and other details using the KipTraq mobile application, and then schedule a subset of that data to be emailed directly to a customer on a scheduled basis (daily, weekly, etc.)

Give your customers or suppliers a restricted web portal: You can create website logins that only have access to a specific subset of data (eg: only their data). We can help customize a web portal that allows your customers or suppliers to upload files, interact with maps or reports, download data in specific formats, etc. Works great for auditors (FDA, USDA, etc.)

Capture pictures: Our customers currently capture over 10,000 images every week, and we retain these images for you while giving you a URL easily review and share those images.

Create calculated fields: On device and in reports, do complex calculations to quickly highlight to your users when things are out of compliance. Automatically send emails if need be.


Equipment Management Use Case


KipTraq’s mobile data and collection app can be launched and customized in minutes with no-coding or heavy learning curves required. In this short seven minute use case we will share; how to quickly manage multiple pieces of equipment, how an end user would collect data in the field with Photos, GPS, Barcodes, RFID tags and time stamps and how you can analyze and share data.

Navigate to your locations: You can upload tens of thousands of locations via Excel, complete with Latitude/Longitude information. Your users can then do turn-by-turn navigation to those locations, and you can even enforce that they have to be “onsite” before a task can be performed. “Find assets near me” makes it easy to locate hard-to-find assets, even without an internet connection.

Capture GPS traces: You can give your users the ability to press a start and stop button, and between presses, we capture the path that they walk or drive. This data can be easily exported so that it can be viewed as a line in Google Earth. This works great for proving your users walked a field or orchard during an inspection.

Scan barcodes: Your users can scan barcodes, and have those barcodes drive custom behaviors. Eg: Scan a SKU and get product specific questions and limits in a task. Associate a barcode with a hold/lot/etc, and scan that barcode at multiple points in a workflow to tie that workflow together into a single report.

Track repairs or services performed: Log an issue (with pictures), and an email is automatically sent to one or more people responsible for this type of asset. When they follow up, they can log completion of the task in KipTraq as well, and the full service history remains with the item.

Manage inventories: Set thresholds per-location for dozens or hundreds of items. Have your users take periodic inventories on these items, and run a simple report that shows any items below your set thresholds.



To learn how KipTraq can help your team leverage a single platform to gain competitive advantages with digital forms and to learn more about how mobile data collection creates competitive advantages for our clients please contact us for a custom demo and a quick discussion.

Real results from KipTraq customers

  • “Our staff really likes KipTraq. They have more time for inspections, and we get increased accountability”
  • “In 2 months, KipTraq helped our team increase plant throughput by 45% by identifying processing bottlenecks”